Atlas Peak vineyards Napa Valley

Atlas Peak, located in the southwestern region of Napa Valley, emanates from the city of Napa. It is primarily within the Soda Canyon and Foss Valley areas, along with the Vaca Mountain range. Regionally, it is just northeast of the town of Napa, east of Yountville, and above the foothills of the Stags Leap District. This region has the distinction of being Napa Valley’s highest elevation, of 2,663 feet. At 1,600 feet, many mornings in the Atlas Peak area are well above the fog line.

Our soil is brick red, from rocky, volcanic activity. Rich in iron oxide, the soil is shallow, well drained, and perfect for producing delicious, well-structured wine grapes. The diurnal temperature variation is upwards of 30°F, between daytime and nighttime. This fluctuation contributes to the perfect balance of acidity; the hallmark of Atlas Peak vineyards.

One of Napa Valley’s coolest regions, it has wet winters and warm, dry summers. Rainfall of Atlas Peak averages about 38 inches per year. Mountainside temperatures are 10 degrees cooler than the Napa Valley floor. It receives full sunlight throughout the day, and nighttime temperatures drop into sweater weather.

Since 1870, Atlas Peak has been growing wine grapes. By 1992, the region was designated as an American Viticultural Area (AVA). There are now 11,400 acres that make up this region, with only 1,500 of them being planted to wine grapes. It is revered for both its Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

With only 1,500 of its acres being planted to wine grapes, it is our privilege and honor to be stewards of our Atlas Peak vineyard that we have called Karibu.